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Thread: Promote website in Yahoo

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    Try yahoo Answers
    Yahoo local listing
    Yahoo Directory
    Flickr- Yahoo service

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    You should provide some more details, how do you mean it is not working properly? Maybe you think it is not attracting people well enough, and that is another thing. Apart from advices above I would advice you to make a blog where you would promote your site, and twitter account, but the key thing is that your site has to have premium quality (something people would like to see every day), that is the main thing, and then you could do the directory submitting, and yahoo services and don't forget to write and submit some articles to articels directories, and you should make a facebook page that would attract more people since if one of them likes your page, he would probably promote your page and his friends would see that and they will then drop by to your page to see what is it about, so these are the basic ideas and you should work them out, step by step to get results.

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