I was been looking for some good article submission software and realized that most software marketers were really good only in a few aspects of selling software but not in all of them.

I thought I'd share some thoughts on what, as a potential client, I would like to see in marketing any software products.

Maybe this could be helpful for people who market software products, and help them to better understand their customer needs?

What I want to see on a software website:

- Relatively short, but meaningful description of the software with a few numbers: tell me the price, number of articles etc in a straightforward way. I find it difficult to believe a marketing guru could write 10-20 pages of text (ok, it is not boring, but not very useful either), show 0 screenshots on the website and avoid telling me how many article directories the software can submit to. Sadly that happens. So they expect me to read all their textual exercises, got convinced without any pictures\videos\numbers and purchased the product right away because it is 50% off when I do not even care about the price? If software is great, gets good results then I am happy to pay a double price for it (instead of suffering with a poor software, start a new search, pay for a new software product etc).

- Screenshots. If they are high quality, illustrate important points they could be helpful to understand how the software works. Very few websites actually show any. But everybody has a nice graphics for the cardboard box that is supposed to be a package for the software. C'mon, they do not have even an option "Order on DVD" - what's the point of that box?

- Videos. Ideally I would like to see a few high quality, high resolution videos showing all the main things a software does. I do not want to see additional promo stuff there on why this software is great or good looking girls dancing around website's logo. I'd like to see the software itself. It is so obvious, so easy to make a video, but very few actually do it.

- Testimonials. I do not wish to even look at them in the format they are presented: 100 strangers are telling me the same things "Oh, it is great... I feel it is the best software ever written on earth". Somehow it does not sound too convincing to me. I just discount them altogether and go to forums to read just a few lines from people like Will.Spencer and his reviews. That's all I need: a few lines from unbiased experts with some kind of an idea why this particular software is good. What most marketers do is completely the opposite: 1000s of lines of testimonials from people who just entered the field. If you want to post testimonials that work, they should be longer, more meaningful articles from experts.

- Last but not least important: I would like to download a free trial software right away, from the front page without registering and entering a lot of information.

To summarize: I'd like to see several things on a website:
- Price.
- Features and product description (1-2 pages not more).
- High quality multiple screenhots and detailed comments below.
- High quality high resolution videos about the product.
- Just a few, but high quality, longer testimonial from real experts explaining why the software is good and why it could be better than what competitor's offer.
- Free trial version to download without a hassle to register and enter a lot of information.