Just thought I would share this idea little idea to help promote your e commerce website in the I hopes it help someone

Back when I first started out on the internet I was working for a lingerie store. The store had a website that would sell products online. Part of my job was to promote the products and the store.

Here is just a few of the things that I did.

I branded every picture with the store name/dot com. (see sample) Don't ask why just do it.

Next I promoted every item on the e commerce website this way. I started joining wish list and listed the item along with a direct link to the item.

Here is one example of what I am talking about. Please click the small pic in profile to see how the items are listed on a single page.

sami4u's Kaboodle profile

You will find tons of places on the net that you can do the same thing for your products.

Use this idea It will help makes sales, promote your site, and get you some backlinks.

I don't have the list of URL's you can promote at anymore, that was on my old computer when the HD crashed I lost them all.

If you have a list please share it here for others.

This works people or it worked for me I hope it helps you ear money and promote your e commerce website.