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Thread: Promotion Forums

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    Promotion Forums

    How effective do you find promotion forums to be?

    I personally find them a very good way of advertising and usually users from promotion forums are the source of the majority of the members.

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    Re: Promotion Forums

    I think their vital when it comes to promoting. When I ran my past forums, I joined up as many decent promotion forums as I could.

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    Re: Promotion Forums

    Yeh promotion forums seem to be great.. and more and more promotion sites are being created each day but only few will be successfull. Anyway I would prefer promotion forums rather than other methods such as facebook, twitter etc.

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    Re: Promotion Forums

    Promotion forums are alright when it comes to completing post exchanges and getting your board reviewed, but you can't only promote on promotion boards and expect for your forum to have any real activity. Promoting on blogs through having your name as a link on blogs, or writing guest posts will bring you more people who are interested in the subject of your board.

    That being said, a webmaster forum can do well from just being advertised on promotion boards

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    Re: Promotion Forums

    I think they can be a great help, but you should not rely on them to find you all your members, and make your forum successful for you, i've seen many people do that, and I'd be very surprised to find out that even one of the forums turned out successful.

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    Re: Promotion Forums

    I suppose you wouldn't have successful forum's without them, although as CMM said, you cannot rely on them to gain member's as running a community has to be the majority of work done by you.

    I think that if a promotion forum offer's a good service then it can be very effective.

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    Re: Promotion Forums

    I find promotion forums only good for exchanges. Never really had any real members join up from advertising on a promotion forum.

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    Re: Promotion Forums

    However, not all forum promotions are effective and some are hiding in cloak of falseness. But forum promotions are great help in boosting guest visitors, and that's what I am doing.

    Ruziko you're right forum promotions are only good for exchanges.

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    Promotion forums are a great way to get your name out on the net. I use them and they are a great way to find new members or affiliates. They are a great place to advertise for a budget of $0.

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    Very little. As long as I get traffic, I'll be happy.

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