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Thread: Proven White Hat SEO Methods to Boost Page Rank and Site Traffic

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    Proven White Hat SEO Methods to Boost Page Rank and Site Traffic

    When you wish to have long term success towards building successful back links and continuing your Search Engine Optimization practices legally and without incident, it is best to use certain techniques over others. The white hat method generally means to stay within legal and ethical marketing methods to allow your website to stay on top longer for the various search engines and web directories. The black hat methods will usually break the terms of service of these search engines and usually cause the listing to be removed or punished in some way, meaning loss of business for your end. Your main focus will be to create legal back links to provide you with long lived streams of continuous traffic.

    Writing and Distributing Content Articles and Press Releases

    Article Writing and Posting is one of the major ways to increase web site traffic as well as giving you back link opportunities to allow your page rank to raise steadily on search engines such as Google. This may take different amounts of time depending on your current ranking and how well you are able to distribute the articles.

    Hiring writers for your article needs may prove to be a positive move if they are capable of producing high quality articles in the language you need to market towards. Simply make sure that the articles are of the grade of quality needed for posting on the various article submission sites before actually submitting them because they may be rejected later on.

    Many websites specialize in allowing you to find article writers quickly and easily tailored to your niche market or whatever needs you require. TextBroker is a service where clients can set a price range for what they require from authors. Once successfully completed and reviewed by the client, the money can be paid to the author of the article or text. In fast moving niche markets, articles may be completed within a matter of hours. This may provide little results if the niche market is not easily researchable or you demand too much from the authors for little pay. Paying more usually tends to influence the amount of interest in the texts requested and provides better results from qualified authors.

    Press Releases are an excellent way to provide information on a subject and to direct people to your website when you can solve their problems or provide them with something they need. Depending on the niche of your website and the amount of “news” you can bring forth, distributing press releases through e-mail, fax, snail mail, Blog or online press databases and forums is the ideal way to get free publicity with this method. It is best to keep the press release format to third person and create interesting subject matter that grabs the reader, compelling them to follow through with your link without actually telling them to. Depending on how you distribute your press release, you may not see any results until anywhere from two days to even months later.

    Traffic through Blog Reviews and Blog Advertising

    Blog Site Advertising and Blog Reviews are an easy way to get people who are interested in the subject of your niche market to stay informed and generally subscribe to your news. Many of the most successful companies have started blogs to keep their subscribers involved in the latest news on X subject and how they can learn more at Y link. This is simple to implement and the can be done yourself or with the help of a review Blog writer.

    Review Blog writers can provide honest or biased reviews on your products or services and ask their subscribers to look into them if they are interested, providing the link back to your business site or wherever you need them to go. Looking for Blog writers with large amounts of subscribers and high traffic are essential if you wish to reach the largest audience with this method. These services are usually not free, but can be negotiated with the Blog writer. There are even some websites designed to help you find review Blogs and provide rates for advertising and reviews on their high traffic blogs.

    Site Keyword Optimization for Multiple Search Engines

    Optimizing your website for search engine compatibility by using the best tag keywords and other internal link organization and optimization is important. Although Google is the main focus for most companies and businesses, it is not the only search engine available to the internet audience. Even tags on images within the web page are important, as they can help bring in extra traffic when searched in web crawled image databases.

    Without the proper use of tags within a website, you may only be getting the minimum amount of traffic from search engines which you tailored the site to. There are many tools available to help you develop the best keywords for tags that are searched most often. Google Labs has produced their free Google Trends tracker which can be used to compare search terms, phrases and more. This is an excellent tool used to see what people search for and at their daily frequency and extended rates of growth.

    Extending Your Viewing Audience to Other Languages

    If your products or services have potential for marketing towards another language group, then Multilingual Content Distribution is the next phase you need to look into. The Hispanic market within the US alone is expanding at a large rate. The amount of Hispanic individuals who now have internet access has increased and not necessarily through the computer. Having more money means they can afford cellular phones, gaming consoles and other internet enabled devices.

    Having access to this virtually untapped consumer group is one of the things that SEO specialists need to get control of. Luckily, there are services available online by Hispanic marketing specialists that can help translate, convert and provide SEO services to reach this large group of consumers for you. Some of these services also offer updating services to keep both versions of your site in sync and allowing the Hispanic consumers to stay up to date with products and services. One such business that handles translation services and syncing is Hispanic Market Advisors.

    Social Bookmarking Submission

    With Social Networking Bookmark Submission there are many tools that allow you to submit your site to social bookmark sites that are popular with most of the modern internet community. By using these services, they can freely create traffic for you on over 150 different sites. Such services include Social Marker which can provide quality inbound links and traffic that is organic.

    When you follow these legal methods of SEO, you are more likely to have residual traffic from these sources long term. This helps to increase page ranking and produce links that trace back to where you need your consumers to be.
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    Nice article! Here is the leading source for Spanish Internet Marketing. If you are looking for the Spanish version visit Spanish SEO sitio web en Español.


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    Now that's a very nice article! Well said!!!

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    Thanks so much. You are of great help to me!

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    yes, very well said article.
    real cool words.

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    Site keyword optimization is pretty crucial as far as WHite HAT is concerned.
    But nice info. you'hv got there.
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    Not sure if id trust them to optimize a site for SEO, when they cant even optimize their own for the user, it looks messed up in FF.

    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalFusion View Post
    Nice article! Here is the leading source for Spanish Internet Marketing. If you are looking for the Spanish version visit Spanish SEO sitio web en Español.



  8. Quote Originally Posted by sparckyz View Post
    Not sure if id trust them to optimize a site for SEO, when they cant even optimize their own for the user, it looks messed up in FF.
    It looks perfect here in FF 2.x. Are you on FF3 or FF3.5?

    Firefox isn't very Firefox compatible.
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