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Thread: Quantity or Quality of Backlinks

  1. Quantity or Quality of Backlinks

    Quantity or Quality of Backlinks... which one more important?
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    I'd say both..Quantity and quality, without which its not possible to achieve a good PR..
    Having backlinks on high PR sites is equally important as having many 'backlinks' on even low to high PR sites..

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    Quality, if you don't have a quality backlink source then you won't be getting much traffic. Quantity is important too, but quality should always come first.
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    Both are important.
    But for me, quantity is more important.
    I just do an experiment about this, and having a lot of backlinks is very helpful, however you need to have both.

  5. A Quantity of Quality Links
    But a few high PR which are related niches for sure beats more low PR which are non-related.

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    Both for sure. You need to have some quality backlinks, but, without quantity you won't get anywhere.

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    i say quality

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    of course its the quality

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    As against my previous post, i'd like to say that 'Quantity' is more important than quality. Ofcourse Quality is very much needed but Quantity can hold more weightage if directly compared. E.g. 200 PR1 links will do much better than 20 PR3 links.
    Too many Spam and 'not relating to the niche' links do no good, infact they're not recommended and risky.

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    I will go for quality means as much PR you can get. Your site popularity also get increased. You can get traffic from those relevant sites.

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