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Thread: A question about change in url

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    Hi, I recently did a massive change of my site by moving all the sub-pages into a "2008" folder to anticipate the year 2009.

    This in turn change the url of my pages.

    For example: ... y_cut.html

    Previously: ... y_cut.html

    Using dreamweaver the change was smooth and fast.

    However, there's just one problem.

    Google and Yahoo have already index my site and now the pages that turn up in their search results is wrong. I know their bots/spiders would run through my site again but I find it too slow.

    On the other hand, I'm afraid of submitting the url of my site again for fear they blacklist me.

    Any suggestions?

    The url of my home page is the same however.
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    and what about archive pages url

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    should automatically change in a few days....

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    Do one thing...register in G's webmaster tool and set the crawl visit to your website. make it within 24 hours if you really think that you update your website too much. But for present time the 24 hours will be good.

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