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Thread: Question About Meta Description Tags

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    Question About Meta Description Tags

    Hi every body, I have question :
    It is good or not if the title tag and the meta description tags have the same meaning or description.. for example :
    <TITLE> Learning about SEO <TITLE>
    and my description tags
    <META NAME="description" content="learning about SEO">
    Is any body can explain to me..? Thank you .

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    Itís ok to have your keywords in both Title and Description tag but you should have longer descriptions. Write something that will make people want to visit your website.

    Thanks Brian
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    They can have same meaning but make sure it includes the main keywords of your site.And dont overcrowd your meta tags use wisely.

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    take a longer description. also, it helps the users know a bit of your site from the result pages like in Google.(if I'm right about that)
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