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Thread: Which are questionable off page strategies?

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    Which are questionable off page strategies?


    I have had several proposals from SEO companies and I really want to know which are questionable offsite strategies that may not work or are down right questionable and will be filtered off or worst penalized by search engines.

    To be honest I would like to know what efforts I can do offsite even if I were to work on this myself? Which of these work and which don't ad more importantly how ethical are they?

    - Directory Submissions (I was told up to 700 directories)
    - Local/Relevant Directory Research
    - Local/Relevant Directory Submissions
    - SEO Article Writing (400-500 Words)
    - Article Submissions
    - Press Release Writing (150-450words)
    - Press Release Submissions
    - Blog Post Writing
    - Blog Post Submissions
    - Forum Posting Links
    - Blog Commenting Links
    - Social Bookmarking Links
    - Profile Registration Links


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    Incorporate all of them, just don't make it look spammy. When adding articles or anything content wise make sure its all different. I mean don't add the same article to 600 different directories. Google will only rank 1 of them and mark the rest as copy written. Sure they will still be links back to your site. I myself prefer Social Bookmarking and Blog commenting. But I also use a lot of social media. Twitter and Facebook.

  3. All of those mentioned above are all ethical unless they are not abused. Bizzoyce is correct. use all of them so that G will see it as natural growth of links. G will become suspicious if you are going to use only one optimization technique.

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    Some things to avoid are paid links, automated methods, and pure spam.

    Focus more on quality over time.

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    These are all considered to be ethical practices of SEO, but you must know the time the SEO company will take to get these backlinks. Submission to 700 directories should take a long time. If it is being done in a short time, then it is possible that they must be resorting to bulk-submissions which may be considered as spam links. The best things to be considered are Article Submissions with original content, Blog Posting & Commenting, Social Bookmarking and Forum Postings. Kindly ensure that links are posted on relevant websites with good PR score.

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    in off page optimization ,
    press release , article posting, forum posting , social book marking , etc all those are so important ,
    none of them is down right now.
    so keep on working at all the options to get a good result.

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