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Thread: Quick Tips To Increase Your Alexa Rank

  1. Quick Tips To Increase Your Alexa Rank


    Here are some quick tips to increase your Alexa rank.

    Install the Alexa toolbar and set your blog as your homepage. This is the first step that you just HAVE to do.

    Make others to use the Alexa toolbar- Friends or readers, just make them have the toolbar.

    Write content that is related to webmasters or technology- There is a very high chance that people in these niches will have the Alexa toolbar installed.

    Feel free to share more tips.


    PS. I know there are people who say that Alexa has changed its algorithm, but user Sensonize on the forum and I have confirmed it works, with a case study.

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    I thought alexa is worthless?

    Why Alexa is Worthless

    Alexa is Becoming Completely Worthless

    Well, that's why you shouldn't trust alexa rankings too much. :P
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  3. I too feel Alexa is worthless. But some people really consider it when buying ads or sites.
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    For flipping site business, alexa rank is become indicator beside than PR. But i think to increase our alexa rank is not too hard, just make a contest, i'm sure alexa rank will increased rapidly.

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    I would like to thank you for sharing this tips with me. They are really interesting and very cognitive for me!!!

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    Alexa although useless is a prime factor that is considered. I have seen on other forums, people blindly follow it. They trust it more than Compete.

    Which do you prefer Farhad?

  7. Alexa is more widely accepted and popular than Compete. So i will go with Compete.
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    What about the HitSpanker? An automated software that can make alexa's rank get lower everyday automatically.

    But I just only know it. Not use it yet. lol

  9. Whats the use of using something that fake's stuff? After you sell it, you will stop using it, so the Alexa will go up (higher is bad).

    And reputation is far more important than anything.
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    I landed on this thread while I was searching for mine ( I find it hard to believe that some are trust more Alexa's ranking over Compete's.

    After all the bashing about alexa, how do you explain this?

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