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    Ranking in or

    One of my client want that his website should rank in and cause his business totally for Irish and German people. He don’t have any interest in ranking in or any other Google .TLDs .Can anyone guide me what should be my focus that it will help to rank and .

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    • Use a .ie/.de domain and host your sites in those countries.
    • Use WHOIS information with an Irish/German adress.
    • Enter company details in Google Local Business Directory.
    • In case you are using another TLD (like .com/.net etc), use the Geographic Target Tool in Google Webmaster Tools.
    • Get inbound links from Irish and German Sites.

    More information about Geotargeting.
    Hope that helps.

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  4. Will it help for domain .com and .net? If you have a website in Japanese, can you optimize it by builiding backlinks for it with domain .com and .net?
    Most likely if your website is in Japanese, then people who speak another language (English, for example), would probably not link to it, simply because they can't read it.

    You might want to translate, the site, though, if you're wanting English sites to link to your site, and your site is in Japanese, you might want to add English pages.
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