Reciprocal linking is one of the oldest methods of SEO and it can still work quite well.

The best method of reciprocal linking is to write individual e-mails to specific webmasters whose web pages compliment your own and tell them that you would like to trade links with them.

It is important to personalize each e-mail, or your e-mails will be quickly deleted as spam.

To achieve the best results, include the following in your initial e-mail:
  • Mention two positive items about their web site, so that they know that your e-mail is not a generic spam.
  • Include directions to the specific web page where you have added the link to their web site.
  • Mention the Page Rank of the page where you have added a link to their web site.

Reciprocal Linking Programs

Reciprocal linking programs exist to help webmasters share links with similar web sites.

Some of the reciprocal link programs are:

If you have a blog, try blogLinker, the automatic link swapper for blogs.

Warning: These link networks can generate a lot of e-mail. You will want to create a new e-mail account just for these networks.

Start a Reciprocal Linking Program on Your Web Site

If you want to trade reciprocal links en masse and automatically, you can setup a reciprocal linking program on your own web site.

Tips on that can be found in How can I add a reciprocal link manager to my web site?

Search for Reciprocal Linking Partners

These web pages exist to help you search for reciprocal link partners in the same market niche as your web site: