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Thread: Recommendations for Newsletter Blasts

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    Recommendations for Newsletter Blasts

    I am thinking about promoting my proxy list through Newletter blasts because some people said it was a good way of promotion. I have searched the net for people that sell this service but some of the sellers look shady while others won't let you put in a proxy list. If any of you other proxy list owners have done this method of promoting I would appreciate it if you could tell me the most trustworthy and the ones that give you the best value for money.
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    Addvertise.Info has done a great job for me in the past (Make sure to PM JacobNix, maybe you can make a deal ) performed well for some people, but didn't for me..

    I own my own email list, and for me it performs well It has only 4000 members though..
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    Proxy.0rg performed well for some people, but didn't for me..
    I think for those it supposedly did good for were loyal Baron followers as I did give the benefit of the doubt and tried 3 times on new domains with new ips. His blast was the only promotion I did on them and saw a whopping 30-40 visitors first day and around 10 the second. His lists are old and dead and are not a good means of promoting IMHO.

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    I am thinking about getting a Gold Package for my list. Unfortunately Addvertise.Info is offline right now. I will be ordering it once it comes back online.
    Does anyone have a recommendation on which package to buy.
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