I have a site that was making $1,000 a month pre-Panda. Sadly to say, revenue has dropped to a trickle. The site currently has 36 articles averaging 500-700 words each or about 18,000 words of content.

The plan is to add more content and inter link the articles where it makes sense.

The specifics are that I have 10 articles that are 1,000 words each and total 12,000 words. I will add 1 articles per week with no link building. This will result in an increase of 40% in word count and 27% in no. of articles.

Another thought is that the 27% increase in 'virgin' articles will de-optimize the site. The idea being that the articles haven't been touched by crappy links.

I've added the first article on Oct 20th and so far so good. The article was quickly indexed. It just a matter of keep adding the articles and waiting for the next Panda refresh.