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    Referral Programs

    Do you use referral program ads from other sites on your website to get commission cash from the companies?

    Yes, I use HostGator's commission program. They give around 10% commission per referral and depending on the referral's stay with hostgator, the commission will increase.
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    Yes HostGator's commission program is a great way to increase your earnings

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    I've been working with a company called My Instant Biz, since March 2009, and I'm making money with it. You do have to work at it, but it's well worth it, it's an honest, real online business. Not an affiliate program as affiliate programs seem to be.

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    I don't indulge in such stuff much..Just PTC and DP mostly, some others also included..

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    Yes, I am not in these either to be honest.

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    have found some other referrals Programs, can have look here:
    they have a huge traffic on their site and must be ok for advertising sites to have a large number of referrals

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    HostGator's commission program is a great way to increase your earnings
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