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  1. ScrapeBox Review

    First of all, let us look at what ScrapeBox is. This SEO tool is combination of an auto blog commenter, search engine scraper and much more.

    ScrapeBox in a nutshell, gives you all the options you need in order to build backlinks for your websites. This tool enables you to auto comment to blogs, execute RSS submissions and also to ping. One of ScrapeBox’s functions is to scrape the urls of search results based on your keywords from major search engines that you decide to use.

    Sounds good so far doesn’t it?

    To maintain a successful blog, you will need to examine competition, conduct product exploration and collect relevant links – everything ScrapeBox can do for you in a jiffy. As an added incentive, the footprints that you use can be accumulated for future usage. ScrapeBox can help you to keep in check of all your website’s indexed. And the best part is that you won’t be penalized for engendering scores of automated inquiries because of the numerous rotating proxies. When you are harvesting, pinging or executing various other operations, ScrapeBox can help import, export or insert proxies lists to be utilized. With the substitute manager, you will be assured that they are functioning properly.

    With ScrapeBox: -

    • Managing lists is no longer a chore; these lists can be imported and exported, and duplicate urls and domains can be siphoned out.
    • Subpages can be spruced to the roots
    • Pagerank of subpages and domains can be verified
    • Your domain as the referrer is intact as the ping approach lets you relay referral hits through your proxy. This is a fantastic method to synthetically elevate website traffic and to assist in being eligible for affiliate programs
    • Thousands of comments can be attributed through the auto comment feature in a matter of minutes
    • Attract guests by placing comments on your own blogs
    • The blog commenter assists in posting comments on any blog out there to help you gain backlinks
    • Validate proxies and eliminate obscure ones to maintain a fully coherent proxy list
    • Hundreds of trackbacks can be uploaded within minutes through the Mass Trackback poster.

    You will find that most reviews of ScrapeBox are positive ones. In the age where convenience and speed are pertinent, ScrapeBox delivers perfectly. ScrapeBox has been hailed primarily because it has the excellent properties in both whitehat and blackhat techniques. This simply means that your blog will unanimously be highly-ranked amongst major search engines, giving you the edge against your competition.

    ScrapeBox can be used by both beginners and experts. The instructions are easy to understand, making your blogging experience a breeze and pleasure to maintain.

    And more thing that I like about ScrapeBox is, it gets updated very frequently to make sure everything is functioning properly.

    At $97, it's a true bargain!

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    Want I should change the title to promotion instead of review?

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Bill View Post
    Want I should change the title to promotion instead of review?
    Ah you're right, I should have added an affiliate link up there

    The thing about ScrapeBox is, they keep adding new features. Sorry guys if the review above is too general.
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    Scrapebox Vid's

    I <3 Scrapebox! It's definitely one of the best pieces of software I've ever added to my arsenal.

    Here are some cool vids to show the potential of Scrapebox.


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    Use it and die.

    AKISMET loves you scrapebox users.

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    What people fail to tell you is that this kind of tool is designed for spamming and gaining a large number of low quality links, yet the tool is expensive. Also, you have to question your ethics when using such a tool. You are making the lives of webmasters a misery to deal with all the spam and fake profiles.

    You can subscribe to lower-cost white-hat SEO tools that are effective IMO such as Unique Article Wizard, link vana etc. In these systems, your links are wanted in exchange for content or one-way reciprocal links from sites that are likely to provide much more link juice than comment spam.

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    I bought it like 2 years ago, used it a few times, mainly to find high pr sites, then never used it again. It's a waste of money, wish I never bought these type of programs.

  8. it is a powerful piece of software with some interesting features. Mainly of course for comment spam, you can send a staggering million comments a day with it. Problem is these links aren't very useful and might even be harmful for your serps.

    It also has a bunch of cool features like scraping large lists of sites for your keywords, sorting by pr to find high pr blog posts and also checking live links. I don't use it any more though.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    AKISMET loves you scrapebox users.
    I did some testing this weekend and ScrapeBox isn't being caught by Akismet on my Wordpress sites. According to the docs, it also evades WP-Spam Free, WP-Hash Cash, and similar plugins

    ScrapeBox solves numeric CAPTCHA's and supports DeathByCaptcha and DeCaptcha for getting around image CAPTCHA's.

    But... even with all that... it seems like you're either getting NOFOLLOW links or links from pages that are completely discounted because they are already spammed to death.

    On the other hand... some of the data collection features of ScrapeBox might be useful, along with the ping tool. I think that the blog commenter was the "killer app" that sold ScrapeBox in the beginning, but in the long run... that may not be the feature which makes it most valuable.
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