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    Search Engine Optimization

    Google has released a new Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. This is the sort of thing that teachers should be teaching in school.

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    I'm not making use of the description meta tag! Yikes. Gotta read up about that

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    I thought Google hates SEO, how come they are preaching now?

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    The pdf is great.
    Now when people who spread myths and lies about seo, or promote themselves as seo gurus when they are no, I can just send them to the pdf.

    Like the previous poster, cutting and pasting the same thing found on every forum again and again.
    That paragraph I have seen so many times everywhere!

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    This is the sort of thing that teachers should be teaching in school.
    Yep, some outdated classes should be dropped such as commerce, metalwork, French, literature, RE and replaced with SEO, copy writing, affiliate marketing,and e-book workshop classes etc. Art classes should teach e-cover design and web graphics skills

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