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Thread: SEO Case Study: Link Building

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    SEO Case Study: Link Building

    The Study:
    SEO Case Study: Link Building – natural anchor text – PR0 vs. PR4 strength

    The Question:
    Do you want 20 PageRank 0 links or 20 PageRank 4 links? The following contribution will help you to answer this question. Today’s topic is a case study on one of our big clients from the real estate market. It is about the variation of anchor texts, natural anchor texts and the value of PageRank 0 links. It makes clear that PageRank 0 links could be more potent than PageRank 4 links. Due to this we assume, that PageRank cannot be used to evaluate the quality of the links.

    The conclusions are interesting and not quite expected. I'm curious as to how many of you can confirm this behaviour....

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    Hmmm. Interesting results.

    Many of us have known for a while that PageRank is nowhere near as relevant as it was in the past.

    It does sound a bit like they were comparing apples and oranges. On one side the PR4 paid links sound like they could have been coming from directories or possibly footer links, which have been discounted for some time. On the other side they were using links on PR0 pages and varying the hyperlink text. That means that they were not comparable tests.

    I do not doubt their results, but their test may not have been valid. They should have varied the text on both PR links to see if the PR4 links then outweighed the PR0.
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    I have to say something about PR and being relevant: PR to me would be like the temp gauge on the car - it is a gauge that tells you something that could be good or bad, but it does not control the car, it doesn't make a Honda into a Porsche if the gauge is high or low, it just tells you what one sensor is saying that can be affected by a few different things. If you only looked at that gauge you will miss a lot!

    So, PR is relevant but it is not the only thing and never was.

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