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Thread: SEO concept for webmasters.

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    SEO concept for webmasters.

    We all want to make our website popular and want to see it getting top ranked. However, many of us are unable to succeed. I am sharing my opinion and knowledge.

    Main thing to get good SEO is being concerned on the content of the website and updating it regularly. Means, the visitor who has entered to your website must feel that the website is useful for him. So, he/she will visit it again.

    Another point is getting backlinks from websites that are already popular or have high PR.
    Submitting the site to the directory you see is another important factor. But, you need to work regular till the site becomes popular.

    Be patient and wait about 6 months. I am also waiting.LOL.

    Hoping to get more information and knowledge from you guys.

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    Great and suitable advice. Like you mentioned, having backlinks from high PR sites are more effective in improving the PR than from those coming from low PR sites. Google does take 2-4 months before updating all PRs, so patience is surely a virtue in SEO.

  3. Just remember, high PR doesn't translate to $
    $ comes from traffic
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    True, though high PR helps you be able to sell your links and earn.

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    i agree with whitey99, but often PR is high when $ are high too.

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    Thank You for the tips and hope fully will try to follow but takeing that much time is really frustrating but i will try hard as i have a blog and waht it to be famous and want to get some bucks out to adsense

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