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    Smile SEO Courses and Books


    I am horribly curious to know how have you guys actually got your SEO knowledge.

    eBooks/Courses etc?

    I actually worked for a very small SEO company (6 employees) for 3 years then, by a stroke of luck (crazy story) joined Google. (I am now working for a private firm).

    I got my SEO knowledge mainly reading the Google Webmaster Blog and then I took an offline.

    Sahil K

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    I mainly learnt through SEO blogs and articles. I have never spent on eBooks.

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    I first got my basic knowledge from an ebook, then reading a lot of different information online, but my "real" SEO knowledge comes primarily from experience.

  4. I learned mine the hard way, but that was over the course of several years.

    If you want to learn much faster, I recommend SEOBook.
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