Ive been working for some time over this program, and I would like some fellow Seo to check it out and let me know his/her opinion.
The software is called Seo Decompiler, and is a backlinks analyzer, I know there are already many of those out there, the difference with the rest is that Seo Decompiler tries to give a numerical value "LinkLove" to every incoming link to your page and to your competitors, to give the value it analyzes how many time a word is repeated in the text, the anchors, the H tags, the titles, the age.....
Knowing how much a link is worth can be very useful, and even more the value of the incoming links of your competitors.
As I said is a bit different from your average backlink analyzer, so give it a shot and let me know what you think.

the program is Free.

just search in google for Seo Decompiler.