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Thread: is SEO good enough?

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  1. is SEO good enough?

    hi, i wanted to ask is SEO good enough maybe better is to get traffic by your self not to use SEO as many companies are scam or send not so good traffic !?
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    SEO is the best way to get traffic. There is no other way that is as good. The other alternatives are social bookmarking sites and ofcourse, having your links on signatures/blogs/sites,etc..

  3. Optimizing your site will bring you search engine traffic. But, traffic from the search engines may not be targeted and it might have a high bounce rate.

    My google traffic has a 55% bounce rate. While my yahoo traffic has a 23% bounce rate.

    Now compare that to my youtube traffic that has an 18% bounce rate.

    So my site would be better served by getting more traffic from youtube.

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    i donīt know

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