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Thread: SEO monthly maintenance?

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    SEO monthly maintenance?

    Hey Guys! What do YOU do as a part of your SEO monthly maintenance (other than link building)?

    Thanks much!

  2. Make sure that your sitemap is being indexed with google and the other major search engines and that there are no errors in the sitemap. If there is a problem with the sitemap google will report an error to your webmaster tools.

    Check your google webmaster tools to see where you are ranking in your targeted keywords.

    Check your Google Analytics to see where your most targeted traffic is coming from.

    That should get you started.

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    Every month end i do a full detailed analysis of my site traffic, revenues, time spent,etc.. and on the basis of them i prepare a plan for the coming month.

    For those who have not yet tried, even Bing has webmaster tools. Though not as big as google, i'd say that site has potential. Don't let the opportunity go.

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    I usually check my keyword ranks, then I decide how much work I have to do for it now.

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