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Thread: Is SEO needed for websites?

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    Is SEO needed for websites?

    For me, SEO is needed to market your business online. And you should have a good SEO strategy to make it successful. And google is the best search engine.

  2. Search engine optimization is not really for marketing your site, except to search engines. All it does it make your site look better the google, yahoo, bing,,,. But the real people that visit your site, SEO is not something they are going to notice.

    To answer the question, yes, you should optimize your site.

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    people come to our blog coz they need info that we hav

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    SEO is just required to be on the top on search engines, i.e. Google, Bing etc. & this is actually something called marketing on the web world. Market doesn't means you manage to sell product but just means you manage to have more visitors attracted towards your website. Better offers or web layout is the thing which attract those visitors to become real customers. So SEO and good designer both are necessary for a successful Website.

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