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Thread: SEO for pictures?

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    SEO for pictures?

    While everyone is clamoring to be best ranked for sites, what about pictures? Most SERPS have several filter options like blogs, pictures, news etc. And they all link somewhere.

    What do you think of targeting picture rankings? Let's say the first page for "dogs" has 10 of your pictures, going back to your site, would that be equal to being ranked #1 for "dogs" for sites?

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    Google sees images in a completely different way, it can't read anything written on an image. For image searches, it targets the <img> tag and its attributes from various sites, the 'alt' or alternate text is the most important piece of info to be provided in an image for SEO purposes.
    Google's Image searches are not that up to the mark though.

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    Images don't really bring much traffic that is sustrainable or long term to a site, so no point.

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