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Thread: SEO or PPC?

  1. SEO or PPC?

    I'm just curious to know who prefers doing SEO and who prefers Paying per click.

    Myself, I enjoy the SEO because in the long run it really provided a lot of traffic. Way too much to try to pay for.

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    i prefer seo but if i have to promote instantly then ppc for short period

  3. I am definitely in the SEM camp, because I am a cheap bastard.

    Sometimes PPC makes sense though.

    As biz08 stated, PPC also responds more quickly to investment than SEM does. In addition, PPC also works sometimes in competitive niches where SEM would be almost useless.

    With PPC, you can measure your costs and your revenues and determine with a high degree of certainty whether you are making a profit.

    The perfect Internet marketer would be great at utilizing both tools concurrently.

    I had a political site with one page that earned a consistently high CPM. That whole site was an SEO-focused effort, but I invested in PPC to drive additional traffic to that one page. The incremental revenue from PPC was greater than the incremental costs of the PPC campaign. PPC was the right tool at the right time.

    I don't have any PPC campaigns running right now, probably just because I have too many other projects running concurrently. But I am definitely thinking towards my next PPC campaign.
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    PPC is great is you want to make fast revenue but not have it longterm. I had a PPC campaign running that I spent about $3k on and make a nice $4k profit but since the niche pretty much died out I can't promote it anymore (well I can but I wouldn't make money)
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    PPC is a strategy you'd utilize for short-term benefits.

    It makes sense for you to run a PPC campaign if you're promoting something which has to be sold real quick, or you're looking for instant sales.

    The more stable technique is Organic Search, and its a lot easier on the pocket than PPC - its just that there are a lot of uncertainties in SEO.

    From a service-provider perspective - you can measure ROI accurately with Pay Per Click and you know what's working and what's not.

  6. PPC is ridiculously overpriced (deliberately). I know SEO and marketing related keywords are high priced but while looking to use yahoo for my SEO Service, I was getting 10 clicks for $100! (targeting US traffic). This is ridiculous considering the amount of fraud that goes on in PPC. Anyway PPC obviously works for many thing, specially if you know how to make it work.

    PS - Why SEO word automatically gets underlined ?

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    What I usually do is find some keyterms that are easy to get. There are many out there. My Costa Rica site required minimal work and traffic came in almost immediately due to low competition. Once profitable, I recommend targeting the same terms which make you money organically thru PPC.
    Also get banner ads on sites getting traffic for YOUR keyterms.
    SEO can make you a nice income alone, but why miss out on more opportunities when they're out there.
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