I decided to share one of my secrets that I’ve been using for awhile now. You may think that you can buy blog posts at any time and it really doesn’t matter. Well if you are using Review Me, PayPerPost, buying directly from the site or any other method then there is a little known secret that can make a big difference when you get your post done.

It’s really easy to explain this but I will go one step further by giving an example to dummy proof it. First off my blog is a bad example because I don’t make a great deal of posts, so I will use Matt Cutts blog for my example.

Here's the secret
. When you are purchasing blog posts you always want to do it at the end of the month. Why? Simply answered is for indexing purposes in the archive. For example we will use Matts December 2006 Archive. Notice the post dates on that page. Just like almost every wordpress blog they will be listed from last to first. So the last post of the month will be on top.

So what this all means is if you get your blog post done on the last day of the month and get a link in the first sentence or two (for the blogs that paraphrase) your link will always be 1 link from the homepage. Now if you had a blog post on the first of the month it would be a huge difference because it could get buried 2 to 3 clicks away from the homepage and you will get a ton less link value.

In conclusion, when you buy a blog post the time of the month you buy it has a huge factor on the link strength. This only really matters though when a blog displays its archive and does a decent amount of posts (which most blogs that sell blog posts do).