For those WordPress users who are looking for a SEO Plugin, The "All in one SEO plugin" might be your solution I'm testing the plugin right now, And will have a review on what i think of it and if WP users should be interested in it.

The download link is: ... -seo-pack/

and below is the overview from the page.
Check back next week for a review on what i think of it!

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Optimizes your Wordpress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization) by generating META tags, optimizing your titles and avoiding indexing of duplicate content.

META tags are generated like this:

* Your categories become your META keywords, followed by any additional keywords you specify in the keywords field for your post or page (edit one or create a new one, it&#39;s right below where you insert your post content).
* Your excerpt is used as META description. This is very important since most search engines show this as content snippet in their search engine results pages (SERPs). So it&#39;s the first thing many users will see of your blog.
* If there is no excerpt, the custom field named "description" is taken into account. This is for backwards compatibility with Another Wordpress Meta Plugin.
* You can set your home page descriptions under "Options" -> "All in One SEO".

In addition to generating META tags the following optimizations are done:

* Your titles are rewritten. Actual post title comes first, then your blog name (separated with "|"). Not the other way round. You don&#39;t have to touch your template! Never ever have "Archive" appear before your precious post title!
* "Filler Pages" like archives and categories are excluded from indexing to avoid duplicate content.[/b]