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    Red face SENuke

    I just bought SENuke and I am playing around with that for now.

    The system looks promising, but the $127 price tag a month is a bit high, I would need to use the software at least daily to make it worth my while.

    The system is a lot different from anything, you basically take one article, make a spinner/macro article out of it and submit it to a lot of social network sites like blogger, hub pages etc.

    The article includes links to your other pages plus your affiliate link.

    Their main thing is that for low competition keywords, your article can more or less dominate page 1 in Google.

    Anybody else playing around with SENuke?

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    In fact, SENuke is very popular among blackhatters. I haven't tried it but I know it works based on my observation on some underground forums using this software.


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    I just cancelled it, $127 a month is not worth it for me. I can not see these mini sites keeping any kind of rankings over time, so it works against what I wanna do.

    I want to build up long term passive income streams, not overnight wonders

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    I was just getting ready to start a post on SENuke. I'm on the 7 day trial with them, and only about 20% of the features seem to work for me.

    I'm running IE 8 which they clearly say is too "new" of a version of IE to have on your computer, but the pain threshold for having to go to the SP-level to uninstall IE 8 (which I do not use...I use Mozilla) is too painful. On the SEnuke blog it states a "75 vice 90%" success rate when keeping IE 8 on your computer, but mine was less than 10% for everything from social networking website autoregistration, to auto spinning Web2.0 sites.

    For software that costs this much per month to use, it should not be MY problem to make it work. If it was 10-20 bucks a month, sure worth the pain.

    On the good side, it does reduce clicks for niche research with no issues and had a bunch of Web 2.0 and social bookmarking sites that I didn't know about. I debated on writing the guys running it (are they on NB?), but decided against since I need to work on other projects today around football. I DID subscribe to Content Boss (which SENuke now requires which is another $30 a month, so you're really paying a ton for their advertising service). Content Boss + Jetspinner works as advertised with no issues for me on Mozilla version 3.0, IE 8, and IE 6 (different computer at work).

    I'll canx the subscription of SE Nuke at the end of the 7 day trial. It was nice of them to give the free trial because I would be very pissed at forking out that money for something that didn't work out of the box as advertised.


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    Some one told it will really helpful to promote the sites... will it really show any impact ?

    Life is Short Make it Sweet

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    Anything that includes a sales letter and takes forever to scroll down does not work and you will be wasting your money. Period

    Just read some of the sales thread. Check out the amazing ranking that he got! Holy crap ranking for that keyword must of took 5-6 minutes!

    For article writing please contact me.

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    I am actually back subscribing to the service, and it does work pretty well

  9. Quote Originally Posted by FrontPageContent View Post
    I am actually back subscribing to the service, and it does work pretty well
    We demand details!
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