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Thread: Should page title and h1 be similar, and how?

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    Should page title and h1 be similar, and how?

    This is a question for the SEO experts. Within each page we can have <title>, <meta description>, <h1> etc, and they all need to be different for obvious reasons, but how similar should they be?

    I've had good success using the keyphrase in all three but with slightly different wording of surrounding text, but I'm wondering if changing the keyphrase for each is also worthwhile.

    For example, which is better from option 1, or option 2

    option 1
    title: ... blue widget ...
    description: blue widget blah blah ...
    h1: blue widget...

    option 2
    title: ... blue widget ...
    description: blue widgets blah blah ...
    h1: widget is blue ...
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