Notice I said simple, not easy. Now don't run away, this ain't all that hard.


What we're doing is CPA Marketing where you get paid when people fill forms, or submit their zip codes etc. Note that this is not similar to you getting paid for filling out surveys etc. They are cheap, here you can get paid upto $100-200 (rarely - an average would be $10) per person that fills up the form through your affiliate link. Well $100 (just 10 people at a $10 offer) is just a start. If you're not taking action, and are over-complicating things, it's high time you start today. And those who are thinking about failing from right now, good - don't start.

If you think you can do something, you really can. If you think you can't, you really can't. - Henry Ford
Alright, lets cut the chase.

{Before I start, let me tell you - If you scale up this method, this can easily - easily - go upto $1,000 a day. Other people are doing it, and they're not from Mars FYI}.


- Go to some of the networks I'm listing below and apply to all of them. Just below that, there is a small guide on how to get accepted with most of them.


There are a lot others, but those are some good ones. Alright, so before you apply, read What I have to say below.

- You'll need a half decent website. Half decent; I mean no need for an "extremely" busy site but a site which was started yesterday won't do (in most cases). A blog, a network site are awesome.

- When they ask for promotional methods, tell them that you're gonna do direct linking with PPC.

- As soon as you apply, get them on Phone. This will get you approved; and a lot faster.


Why we did all that? Simple reason. CPA networks are getting tougher and tougher to get into. There are lots of "newbies" who don't know what they're doing trying to get in and then they use blackhad methods. So basically, be on the safer side and get accepted first.


Next up, you'll find a LOT of offers. Our job is to pick a few ones.

You'll be naturally attracted towards ones that pay more. But wait, here are a few tips to select the best offers:

- Talk to your affiliate manager. Get his AIM (they generally use AIM only) or whatever IM they use. They know which ones are "converting" the best, so they can help ya' out.

- Take a look at eCPC's. The higher the better.

- Take a look at the landing page. How many fields required? 1? 2? 3? Usually, 1-2 fields one convert the BEST. Because people are lazy and want to write as less as they can. So...

Now, that you've selected a few offers (5-6) at least, it's time to drive traffic to them. How? We'll discuss that below.


{BTW, Here's where a list comes in handy. Have a list of just 5,000? Well, then you're up for an easy $1,000 or so. Just pick an offer relevant to your niche, and because they DON'T have to pay anything, you'll see a good conversion. Only 100 people at $10 a fill-up, and your playin'.}


Now, there are two ways to drive traffic really.

- Free
- Paid

I prefer Paid. Many won't.

PPC (Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Network, MSN adCenter) are three major PPC search engines. There are smaller ones I don't concentrate on (tho I really should lol).

If you're doing PPC, the keyword research post will help you. Get going with some keywords that have high search volumes. Then bid 2.5 times the highest bidder for the first 2 days. Doing that gets you a better rank, and a good number of impressions. However, if you're LOW on budget, don't do this. Test a few campaigns and get around 100 clicks, then see if its profitable. If not, dump it and move on to another campaign.

You can direct link to your affiliate ID, or make a landing page. Your choice. There are some rumours that direct linking is going to be killed by Google, but nothing solid as of now.


Apart from this, there are some adware sites which are cheaper and very very effective., You see those popup ads when you visit some sites? The reach is in millions, and if capitalized well, it can make you thousands upon thousands of dollars.

It is slightly blackhat - greyhat - though.


However, let's move to free traffic. Something that I know 90% of people are interested in. o_0

Free traffic can be obtained in too many ways. My favourites, and those which converted are:

-- Craigslist posting
-- A bit of article marketing (of course with a landing page)
-- List marketing (I have a list)
-- Yahoo answers
-- Myspace, Facebook marketing

On a sidenote, if you have a website with good traffic, this can prove to be very effective. Pick an offer in your niche, and oh well, your site's value can boost dramatically. No joke.

Driving traffic is the toughest part. I use paid methods along with a mix of some free ones I mentioned above. I use some blackhat methods as well. I've had $1,000+ days with this, not consistently though. I've to learn a lot in this, but this is very basic stuff.

Hope that helped.