Hi guys, One of my site has been banned in Google around a month ago. Around 12th April.

My site received a virus on April 1, which created a lot of irrelevant pages and all pages were indexed by Google. I detected it after five or six days and deleted all those pages. but Around 12th april, My site sudden got banned.

I though the reason could be of virus and therefore submitted a reconsideration request But Google replied and said the site still violates our Quality Guidelines.

Then I added no-follow tags to outbound links, changed the layout and removed meta-keywords and meta-description and again submitted a reconsideration request. But now again Google says the site still violates our Quality Guidelines.

Help me out to find the reason so that I can correct it.
URL is www. 99tattoos .com

Was ranking very well for keywords "Tattoos", "Tattoo Pictures", "Tattoos Gallery" without quotes.