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    Social Marketing

    Social networking services are also developing quickly as technology changes with new mobile dimensions and features. Social networking is a great means to generate traffic to your website. After finishing of your list use that as your group of social networking and aide in generating traffic to your website.

  2. What kind of social marketing are you talking about? The field is rather "wide" to say the least.

    You have video blogging on youtube, yahoo video, break, metacafe, veoh, metacafe,,, and other video hosting sites.

    You have tweeter and the micro bloggers.

    You have myspace and facebook and the other social networking sites.

    You have pod casting, and everything that goes along with that.

    You have stuff like social bookmarking

    The list is almost limitless. When you say Social Marketing, what did you have in mind, or did I miss something in my list?

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    Good post Kev, I think I've seen u somewhere.

  4. My site is social networking like facebook and tagged. Not as many quizes and polls as fb nor the amount of apps as myspace....but its getting their soon

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