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Thread: [Social Media Article] - The Death Of Google Wave

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    Google Wave burst on to the scene with a flash of brilliance as the next big thing in May of 2009, but quickly sputtered to the next big Google failure in August of 2010. Google has been trying to break into social media related markets for years, and every attempt has been a failure. But why does Google keep failing at something it should easily succeed at? Why aren't users adopting Google "Insert Service Name" here by the masses outside of gMail?

    Simple, the interface. User interface is the make it or break it of websites. While the technological savvy power user may not have had a problem with Wave (it even took the savviest of people time to make sense of it), it couldn't make it in the masses that follow the social media trends. Twitter makes it because of it's API and 3rd party developers (though this could be another failing service shortly). MySpace failed due to user interface problems (namely allowing each member to customize their page). Facebook has made it because of a easy to use interface, thats uniform across the entire site with a good API for 3rd parties.

    Google remains the largest search engine, and advertising provider. But they hardly harness their homepage to advertise any of their additional services. Want to check out other Google products that are in the works (almost to certain failure?)

    Google has failed again after acquiring a promising startup service. Other services Google has failed where other parties have been able to succeed include Google Answers (Yahoo Answers), Google Video Player (To many to list), Google Buzz (Twitter), Orkut (Facebook), Knol (Wikipedia) and a whole lot more to come.

    If you used Google wave, are you going to miss it? What did you use it for? If not, what do you think will be next Google product to official fail? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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    Never used it so I'm not going to miss all!

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