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Thread: Social Networking

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    I do not have a Twitter or anything specific to the forum, but I occasionally post links to interesting topics on my forum to Twitter.

    I find that it brings me 10 visitors but no members, but that's better than nothing.

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    Whenever I hear about a new social networking site, I go ahead and join it with all my site information. I have so many profiles on so many sites. I don't check/update a lot of them, but hey, at least I'm out there.

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    I am using twitter for my site and yes it's quite useful for me i got few visitors to my blog from their.

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    I don't use any social networking sites for advertising. I don't see a point.

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    not until my forum/site gets famous. Then i use it

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    Well maybe using these will help make your forum/site famous? XD

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    It's one of the best ways to promote in my opinion.

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    I've already been noticing results when I implemented my Twitter.

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    but you need to get followers in the first place, that gets tricky sometimes

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    Not really. Just follow people who follow you back. I'm using this list right now.

    In one day, I'm already at 150+ followers and it's only going to rise rapidly.

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