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    Social Networks

    I think we should make some social networking pages. I heard those make some traffic.

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    Re: Social Networks

    Okay, I'll make the Twitter..but I don't think I'll be active on it a lot.

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    Re: Social Networks


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    Re: Social Networks

    I can manage the Twitter if you want Coelho. Tweet stats each day, mention services, etc. You let me know.

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    Re: Social Networks

    yea, we should. FACEBOOK? Lets settle on one instead of two.

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    Re: Social Networks

    For now I agree with Joel. Once we get bigger we can set up and work on a Facebook group.

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    Re: Social Networks

    I KNOW HOW. I have one for Advertise Hotspot

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    Re: Social Networks

    The Statistics of our forums are getting bigger by the day. I would think it would be in no time of us having two to be honest.

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    Re: Social Networks

    dont be too sure

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    Re: Social Networks

    [quote name="Joel"]dont be too sure[/quote]

    It just all depends on what Scourge wants to have.

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