Last night an account was made on my forum that simply tried to gain backlinks by placing various URLs in all the profile boxes: Location, Website, Interests, etc. Unfortunately for them, spammers don't get backlinks on any of my websites - I deleted the account about a minute after it was made and banned the IP Address.

I followed up by sending a letter to all of the websites and forums advertised in the URLs that were associated with this account (you know, the ones from all the profile fields) and I informed them that I would not tolerate spam, and that if it continued, I would proceed to file abuse reports as appropriate. I also told them that if they were utilizing a backlink service, that this is the quality they were receiving.

One forum owner replied with an apology letter, stating that he was indeed working with an SEO company that was supposed to give him natural backlinks from other forums. He was very displeased about hearing that he was just being ripped off, and ensured me that he would take the appropriate action to prevent it from happening again - so that was a good thing.

The next reply I received was interesting...

Forum,s Header links for sale cheapest hxxp://
The e-mail signature was also just a ton of random URLs and nonsense.

What kind of person receives a letter like the one I sent, and follows-up by trying to sell the person header links?!

I think that people don't really understand the potential repercussions that spamming can have on their website...