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Thread: Squidoo anyone?

  1. Squidoo anyone?

    does anyone use squidoo to promote his websites? I am currently trying to build a little network of content. You can check it out here MY INTERNET TRACK . if fellow squidoo'ers of you guys want to do some rating exchanges I will do

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    Yes, I do squidoo. It's a part of my promotion campaigns. But it works well when you promote it nicely too. Not very hype promotions else it'd be be no less costly than a website promotions. But first step you already did (sharing it it netbuilders but I'd have prefered to keep it in sig rather than creating a new thread). Hope you could do some good 10-20 social bookmarkings, submissions to squidoo lens directories and interacting with your fellow lens friends.

    HOpe you'll keep updating your lens and I'll kep visiting.

    Chill & cheers!
    SEO girl...

  3. Testing Squidoo has been on my ToDo list for a long time.
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    I used Squidoo once for my small hosting service, not so important for me right now.

  5. I will keep this lense updated :P I will rate your lense thnx for visiting mine also!

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    Quote Originally Posted by epidemic View Post
    does anyone use squidoo to promote his websites?
    I do, I use Squidoo to promote some pages of my sites. It's free, and it's effective.
    Need some time to handle deferred joining date by three big IT companies.

    If your work is still pending, I'll soon get in touch.

  7. I agree on you there! Maybe you can show me some of your lenses? so i can rate them

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    Will be trying squidoo.

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    since squidoo lenses do rank in SERPs, I am able to get a few traffic out of it... its a good way to promote site and squidoo also has a good community where you can learn more on how to advertise your site using squidoo lenses... I have 4 squidoo right now and they are receiving a pretty decent amount of traffic... I'd say that whats important is the content of the lens. a more helpful or informative squidoo, the more chances of getting it ranked well with other lenses....i have seen lots of other lens that are just trying to promote their sites, I don't think it worked out well though,

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