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Thread: Squidoo - using for your marketing

  1. Squidoo - using for your marketing

    Hey guys,
    I wrote this article a while ago around the benefits this tool can be for your site marketing, thought it might be of interest

    My directory: MyDirectory FOR SALE
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    I read ur article and i found it useful and informative because i can set up a website now without any web building experience or technical skills and earn at the same time.

  3. Squiddo is a great internet marketing tool if used correctly.

    I know several people who are successful with their lenses. Some lenses are on Google first page on some keywords.

    The search engine robots just love the lenses as they are text and keyword rich that are feeding the search engine spiders.

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    Squidoo is becoming very popular and most of its content are now automatically indexed by Google which is the place where search engine optimization comes into picture.
    With its rising popularity, I'm sure that Squidoo is going to be one of the most popular social networking website soon.

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    Not bad, I will check it out, thanks

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    i just read, gud article bro.
    very usefull to me coz, i'm not trying yet

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    hey whitey, i've visited the link.. it's informative, very good post. you should promote your article to other blogsites though.

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