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    StumbleUpon is one of the social bookmarking sites that has really made its place this year. Members of it click a “Stumble” button and they are delivered to sites in the StumbleUpon database, and if a visitor gives a thumbs up to a new site, it’s then entered into the collection for other users to stumble upon.

    Stumblers can Stumble by category. For example, if they choose Science Fiction, they’ll linked to so many random sites that other members have Stumbled and labeled as Sci-Fi.

    You may be having an idea of how this can work to bring visitors to your site. If someone Stumbles you, your site will enter into the StumbleUpon collection, and in the future, others will Stumble across it.

    How StumbleUpon Works
    You visit StumbleUpon and create an account. Then download the toolbar, which then appears at the top of your browser for easy access. Set up your preferences, i.e. choose the categories of pages you’re interested in seeing when you click “Stumble.” Now, you can rate the site you’re dropped off at with a thumbs up or thumbs down or even review the site.

    Those using bookmarking, have a look at this as well

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    For more information StumbleUpon is an Internet community that allows its users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos,that many of us are always looking forward to. Apart from what yere said, StumbleUpon also allows its users to indicate their interests from a list of nearly 500 topics to produce relevant content for themand also there is one-click blogging built in as well which makes it full of advantages.

    Another interesting feature is the way this works. This community uses collaborative filtering,which is an automated process where human opinions is combined with machine learning of personal preference, to create virtual communities of like-minded Web surfers. It was founded in december 2001 and in july,2006 it already had 1 million users !!

    Though purchased by eBay in 2007,it is an independent company again.

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    Both of you made good points on what stumbleupon does, and how it helps…
    Let me share the ideas I used personally, hope it helps some one.
    Make as much as friends you can on stumbleupon.
    Then as you all know the toolbar is the main thing there, so use it to the maximum. You can rate other’s websites and you can expect the same from them. As the stumble upon has millions of users there will be steady flow of traffic to your site. You can also increase it by registering to more WebPages, so that many users visit your page too.
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  4. Anyone actually tried to advertise on Stumble Upon?
    I've read on that, if he was to start over from nothing, he would buy an advertisement on stumble to get his blog into the open.
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    StumbleUpon is a great traffic source. I used to use it, but then stopped, after all the bans on forums for stumbles. I might get back into it, but my blogs now receive SE traffic, so I am not so held up on this.

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    Me, I was an user of stumble upon, And yes it is a very great source of traffic. I was using Digg to but stumble upon give a great traffic for me everytime I have a topic to stumbleupon to.

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    Our forum has StumbleUpon in the bookmarks, members are encouraged to use them to promote good articles on the forum
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