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Thread: Submission to other Search Engines

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    Submission to other Search Engines

    Which other search engines do you consider while submitting your website ? Can anyone give me a list of those search engines which are really useful to get traffic from?

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    I shall suggest you to pay attention on Google only(for me 95% of search engine traffic comes from Google). Other search engines will follow Google. And in order to submit your site into google index, try to get some backlinks from pages which are already indexed in Google. But if you are unable to get these backlinks for some reasons, then you can use the following link:

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    Personally I have never used any search engine while submitting any off mine site. In my opinion search engines automatically add your site after a while. So have patient search engine will automatically add you and brings more traffic to your site.

    But if you’re asking for any, then I preferred to use Google for it as someone saying also saying.

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    When submitting to search engines, my goal would be to find the best ones which can provide traffic to my sites for long term. So its Google, Altavista, Yahoo which are the major ones in the search engine world.

    But you should not rule out Bing, which is the newest search engine from Microsoft and getting very popular so getting traffic from them from the start is good so you should submit to it too.

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by nikon View Post
    Which other search engines do you consider while submitting your website ?
    I never submit my sites to search engines - its a waste of time. All you need is a few backlinks and the search engines will find you.

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