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Thread: submitting site to google

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    submitting site to google

    how to submit site to google?how it helps in increasing visitors.

  2. it do helps in site site alot. Submitting your site to Google will include your site to Google Search.
    You need to go here to submit your site to Google:
    Log-in your google account and enter your site's address. You also need to include a sitemap on your website. It is an XML or HTML file that makes easy for Google spiders and crawlers to index your whole website.
    If you don't know how to make a sitemap, here's a website that generates sitemaps for your sites:

    I hope I helped you out.

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    google is a giant of the interent world. more than half the users of interent will use google to search for the necessary content on google.. so once your website has the required content, then you should submit your site to google as techofreak mentioned.

    that way you get visitors to your site which can eventually lead to you making monetary benefits.

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