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Thread: Super Awesome linkbuilding methods

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.
    Quote Originally Posted by ChillingBreeze View Post
    Well, when it comes to promotion, I preferred niche forums.

    First thing was to make sure of professional website or blog done with a nice web copy that converts, clear navigation and genuine products or services or other stuff you wanna promote.

    And then buying avatar of active and popular members helped in initial branding. It brought nice leads and conversions too.

    When it comes to link building, press release and article marketing, guest posts are a great option.

    Begin solid, Go solid, GET Solid!
    You buy accounts or just the avatars of active members??

    I will look at press releases as I have read a lot about them...can anyone share a link with more info on press releases and if it can be used to promote a Clickbank 'sniper' site??


  2. go to youtube and post videos with my link in the description
    You might also want to try flickr, as well.

    press release
    Press releases can also be a good option, especially if you have something newsworthy and if you can get it onto a site that's in Google news. It's still worth it to pay sites like and and to distribute your press release.
    Need links? Try AuthorLinks where you can buy or sell links based on Authorship and Klout score. Check out my blog or like me on Facebook.

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    I don't buy accounts but only avatars of active members. Sometime sigs too.

    Quote Originally Posted by rome9t9 View Post
    You buy accounts or just the avatars of active members??

    I will look at press releases as I have read a lot about them...can anyone share a link with more info on press releases and if it can be used to promote a Clickbank 'sniper' site??

    SEO girl...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jhonson View Post
    I prefer forum posting. it is an important off- page optimization technique.
    it is really helps to increase PR and website traffic,,,
    But traffic only with niche related sites
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    "Requesting visitors to Bookmark your website"

    Preeety pleeeease!!! Like zis?

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    Blog posting on your own blogs/sites, providing quality comments are on top blogs are both great ways to get links while participating in a community. The key is quality participation so that individuals want to connect/engage with you/your businesses. Nofollow links have been shown to have some SEO benefits and to comment intelligently on large, popular, relevant blogs can prove valuable. Article marketing if you use the right directory. You want to post your original articles in directories with increasing traffic. Watch the trends in compete dot com. Have not had much experience with link bate and building link networks with Class C IP diversity, but at the end of the day, the best way to get high value, long standing links is to offer something of value, be it content, comments, articles, videos, images or tools then make it exceedingly easy to link to and share (AddThis Social Bookmarking is a great tool). We try to cast a wide net. Some of the most challenging are links from the domain root which generally are earned as part of a deliverable i.e. website by eBiz ROI. Also, the key is to have some exact match anchor text, which for some of the best, most authoritative link opportunities is outside of your control most or .edu, .gov and other TLDs with high authority/value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by homebizseo View Post
    My strategy for getting back links is simple.

    Step 1...Drink Beer
    Step in blogs
    Step 3...Drink more beer
    Step 4...Post in forums

    Repeat this all night until you get banned or you cannot spell.

    It works for me because I rank for thousands of misspelled words.
    haha, i like beer, reapeat that all night means drink all night --> not good for health

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    Yes I agree with your ideas and your search and it can be more and more favorable for our sites so I appreciate you and thanks a lot.

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