Some people give a percentage of their monthly earnings to the charity. But did anyone ever thought of doing that with a blog?
And would it be a good startegy for a website under devellopment?

I know that Keith's already doing this and is supporting the Camp Susnshine organization. That is very generous from him since he said he would match any donation (so that the organism receive 2x the amount) when you order any hosting plan.
Donation - Camp Sunshine - By choosing this option, will make a donation on your behalf to the Camp Sunshine Fund for the entire amount you selected. We will also match any donation up to $25.00. If you are interisted in donating more, please open a ticket with us. Built in 2003, Camp Sunshine House is a place for families of children with cancer to come together for year-round support, information and fun... ($25.00 USD One Time)

I know that I will at least try to do the same on my website.

ALSO, I feel that this idea is kind of website marketing itself. If you support charity, the news will spread fast and your publicity will be made on its own. (Same thing for Ecologic-MMO)

I would appreciate your thoughts on this.