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Thread: Take the SEO Expert Quiz and Rule the Internet

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    Take the SEO Expert Quiz and Rule the Internet

    Guys I want to share you this interesting content about your knowledge in SEO and how deep is your understanding in this field. The questions on this SEO expert quiz is really adding into my ideas and I disagreed on some questions and answers. "Take the SEO Expert Quiz and Rule the Internet" posted by Cyrus Shepard from the Moz blog site. Kindly visit the link for you to find out on what level you are now and this is to have more ideas in SEO field.
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    Dunno hmmm?

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    The quiz can be found here; Take the SEO Expert Quiz - Moz

    Might take it some time later. The unfortunate thing is that SEO changes all the time which makes it quite unreliable..
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    Better to avoid taking that quiz IMO. What benefit is to be gained and what loss is to be potentially sustained? An SEO Expert will be working under the radar surely in stealth mode?
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    I started to take it, but the quiz focuses too much on obscure elements of SEO that are controversial. Some of the theories have been pushed by Rand Fishkin and contested by Matt Cutts as not true.

    50 questions is too many.
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    theories are a waste of time.

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    There are questions that really confused me and I think I got the correct answer but when it comes to the checking it was wrong according to the quiz After this test I don't consider this as the basis of an SEO expert. Experience and in-depth knowledge as well as analysis will be some of the factors to be considered

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