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Thread: Text ads are better than banner ads

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    i feel that it is pretty much obvious that banner ads are way better as they are more eyecatching and have more chance of being clicked rather than text ads. but text based ads may be cheaper to advertise nevertheless.

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    I think that the success of adverting depends on their content, place and the public of the website they are placed in. It doesn't matter if it's text ad or banner ad and every situation is unique

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    I think banner have more success than text. But you must create banner good for people eye.

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    If you create a good text, it may work well and if you create a bad banner , you ain't getting much traffic from it. It depends on how good you can do it and what people are browsing on the sites.

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    I completely agree with you nick..Text ads will convert much more than banner ads..Banner ads(especially adsense banner ads) will slow down your webpage and you might loose visitors..

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    At some point, you are right.
    But there also are banners in the same niche the site is, and they are not always annoying.

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    well for marketing purpose banner ads are good because banners attract people. less people will click on texd ads more people click on banner ads, so i suggest banner ads.

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    I use both either text ads or banner to promoting affiliate products. From my experience, text ads converts better. I put my keyword on text ads and sometimes generate sales only through search engine.

  9. banner can sometimes can be annoying specially when its a pop-up banner

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