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Thread: Text ads are better than banner ads

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    Post Text ads are better than banner ads

    Well I see that text ads will convert better almost 75-80% of the time with the same impressions. As you know people are banner blind, you may have read that in the past, but it is 100% true. Take Google Adsense for instance. Do you think Google was insane? They knew exactly what they were doing with contextual advertising. Allowing users to create ads that blend into their content was genius. Some people were clicking those ads without even thinking about that fact that it was an ad. On the other hand, if you have those bouncing, flashing or talking(annoying lol) banners on your site, the user is automatically turned off by them and will go away. What's your thoughts on this matter?

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    Yeah.... the best thing about text ads is that one can easily blend them in the content of the site. It creates the ad blindness and the click through rate increases dramatically

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    No text is text, no one want to read but banner is for your eyes, each of us see banner but text ads not everyone, also banner are usually big and appear immediately in front of our eyes..

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    you just need your banner an EYE Catching one...
    so that it will increase more impressions for the browsers...

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    If you have a really attractive ang intruiging banner for advertising, getting visitors to click on them is going to be easy as peanuts. Banner ads will always have the advantage because images can always emulate text ads.

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    well well well,a search engine cannot read a dynamically created add or a banner or anything of that sort.Search engine scans text and URLs.So advertisement in the form of text and URLs are the best advertisements.

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    Both are best in there place, text easy to load whereas banner good for EYE Catching. Where as i thing banner is best for the marketing purpose

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    banner ads are better it makes it clear and lets everyone to know about it text ads will not come a very good way. banner is chossen by most of the people its good to put banners to make it attractive

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    I also think that text ads are a lot better than banner ads. Lots of people will think banner ads are spam and what not while text ads look safer to them.
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    I personally think that banners are better because they catch the client eyes much better. I have always earned better from banner ads than text links. The only disadvantage is that banner ads can load more slower.

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