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Thread: Tips for Branding Yourself and Your Business

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    Tips for Branding Yourself and Your Business

    The new economy, the vast competition online and offline, the amount of money you make, your goals, determine the path you need to follow if you want to become successful and recognized. Everything is dependent on the amount of people you will be able to influence and on the dedication you show on promoting yourself the right way. Today, it is all about branding, making yourself stand out from the competition.
    Branding yourself, your blog, your business, is not about gathering links that will make Google adore you increasing your online visibility. Branding refers to the amount of people who see your logo, recognize your picture and name and remember you and your services.
    Both professional individuals and corporations acknowledge the importance of branding today, as in this competitive market, differentiating themselves from their competitors is of vital importance. Being visible, recognizable and rising above the competition can help you make your professional dreams and goals come true; managing your brand will allow you to grab attention and communicate your message better, gaining a hold on the mind and heart of people who are potential clients.
    How can you brand your name and your business? How can you demonstrate your value?

    • Ask yourself what is your product really about. Why and how this product makes you different? Try to think of a few words that describe your service, your business or yourself the best. Write them down and keep them.

    • Be compelling. Explore your noteworthy traits and if needed ask people who know you to tell you their opinion.

    • Check the big brands; see how they work on a feature benefit model, offering a distinct advantage and benefit to the client? Try to locate your benefit model and distinct advantage. Once you know what it is, you are ready for the next step.

    • Make yourself visible. Try to increase your presence in your market or even in your office. Branding yourself means that you need to make yourself visible and available. Sign up for workshops or projects, teach in classes, offer seminars and e-courses, create a buzz around your name getting in panels where people talk about the things they know the best.
    • Spread ideas: try to increase your influence on others not imposing your opinion but presenting it in the most gripping way. You have to persuade the others that you are right, even if you are not.
    • Reward other people; connect with individuals and invest on the reciprocal nature of networking. It will start paying back pretty soon.
    • Go the extra mile sending small letters and promotional products by mail. Create a signature, a logo and a slogan and repeat it where you can, as many times as you can without becoming obnoxious. Remember, you need to appeal to all senses of the potential customer in order to be successful.
    • Launch an online initiative related to your field of expertise.
    • Publish Press releases that refer to your capabilities and achievements
    • Word-of-mouth marketing is of vital importance. Benefit from the viral phenomenon and encourage your friends, colleagues, relatives to talk about you and your services to other people.
    • Keep in mind that when it comes to branding everything counts; go online and make yourself known online as well. Social Marketing, twittering, blogging, everything goes and everything must be used. People should be able to recognize you seeing just a small part of your name or logo.
    • Create a bio and list your projects, information, fields of expertise and your educational background in order to give people a complete picture of who you are and what you can do.

    Keep in mind that you are a brand and you are charge of yourself. There is no panacea for branding issues, and there is no one right path to successful branding. You can create your own path and you are the most proper person to do so. Branding is about clarifying and communicating whatever makes you different and authentic. Communicate your message in speech, writing, digital media and any other way that has appeal to the wide audience and can support your authenticity and uniqueness.

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    Thanks for this post! Great information
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Nice post man! Do you have any link for a free e-book which can tell this thing in deep.

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    Don't have I'll definitely share with NB members if I got

    Quote Originally Posted by extreme-seo View Post
    Nice post man! Do you have any link for a free e-book which can tell this thing in deep.

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