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Thread: Tips on Buying Links

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    Smile Tips on Buying Links

    I recently put up a thread on one of the bigger webmasterboards(DP) to buy some links in my niche.

    I had Some Strict Requirements

    like for example:

    1: No dropped domains
    2: No old domains bought with PR then built up as a new site
    3: No Junk blogs with automated content

    I had more requirements, but most were lost on DP - I had about 50 offers for links and 3 of them were within the requirements I clearly posted.

    So how do we go about checking these things...

    Check if the Site is the Original Site

    First I go to
    Type in the URL and see what kind of history comes up.

    Then I go to Google and type in
    By looking at the number of links coming in and where the links are coming from I can get a good assessment of wether this is legit or not.

    If it is a blog I do another search in Google: “hello world”
    This will reveal (if they did not specifically delete this) when the blog was installed.

    Another way to do this is to add /wp-commentsrss2.php to the end of the Wordpress blog’s URL – so if the blog is I would check this URL: - this will give you an RSS feed of comments. If it’s a new blog, often times you will have the sample comment installed, displayed with date for the date the blog was installed.

    Another one is the “About” page, that one is often left up with the date on it, this date is the installation date of the blog.

    Checking the PR

    Next you check if the pagerank is valid on

    Note: Check Page Rank! has not been working for me the last week or so.

    Checking the Domain Details

    Head to and punch in the domain name there. It will tell you:
    Registrar History
    Name Server History
    IP History
    Whois History

    The lower these numbers are the better…

    It will also tell you what year the domain was created – of course the older the better

    Happy Link Buying

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    Pretty Much basics of link buying, almost we all follow, But still a great post. Thanks for sharing with us. Appreciate that!
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    Nice tips.

    Thanks for sharing it with us


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    Here are some criteria when I'm looking to buy links for myself or clients

    • links Must me the same niche of the site I'm working with.. eg a sports site, the links must be sports related
    • no more then 20 outbound links period!
    • links must be from sites with traffic, I don't care about page rank, but I do care about traffic
    • I try to get links 3,6 or 12 months at a time
    • sites must be indexed, I will not get links on sites that aren't indexed by google, bing and yahoo

    and the above with the drop domains and such, the big thing for me is the outbound links.

    good luck
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  5. Thanks good posts for people just starting to buy links.

    Other things you should avoid are

    • Link/Resource Pages
    • Having your link on pages with tons of other external links
    • Buying nofollow links
    • Having your link in/around any area that may tip Google off to it being paid for "IE: Paid Sponsor Section" then your link going right under neath it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sundance View Post

    Other things you should avoid are

    • Link/Resource Pages
    • Having your link on pages with tons of other external links
    • Buying nofollow links
    It's quite funny, but the best links I have meet at least one of these criterias, being that most meet 2 or even 3 of those.
    I'm not saying that you're not right, I'm just dubious about all the latest Algorithm changes.

  7. Here's a list of linking requirements slightly modified from one I found on GaF (I think it was GaF...):

    1. Bids to submit to Web/Links Directories or article sites will be ignored.
    2. Links must be permanent, free, ONE WAY/non-reciprocal and static.
    3. Links should contain the target key phrase as a text hyperlink and links should be spread out to point to relevant pages of the website, not just the home page and should be followed by a short description.
    4. The actual link page and the home page must both be PR4+.
    5. All links must be FREE and shouldn't appear in a paid links slot such as: "sponsored" links, advertisers, links, ads or any other slot links that will show the search engines. URL must nor contain .../links/
    6. No redirects, JavaScript links, hidden links, Flash sites/pages, or other unethical or black-hat tactics.
    7. Link page must be search engine friendly, i.e. no redirects, cloaking, etc. Page must not be excluded by robots.txt and the link must not utilize the rel=nofollow tag.
    8. Link pages must be cached by Google within the last 30 days.
    9. No FFA, guest books, links within forums, links within newsgroups or links farms, Links from link exchanges etc. and never participate in any commercial web rings or link exchange programs, from bad neighbourhoods (porn or other offensive websites) and no more than 20 outbound links on each web page (where link is placed).
    10. One link per domain, all from different c-classes/different IP's.
    11. Links from websites that already link to our site will not be counted.
    12. All links should be listed in a spreadsheet so I can proof them.
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    Do you think buying links is legal according to G? Google has posted a link on webmasters account to report them about paid links. Your website can get banned through these activities.

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    These are some really obvious things while spending money on links. but yet these are really great reminders that we should need to check before spending our hard earned money.

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    I want to know one thing - You have competitors and they always finds your backlinks and try to accumulate those so that they can reach ahead of you. Now when you buy links it means they get to know that. If they report the same thing to G, then your website will surely be going to ban.

    Then why webmasters are still finding ways to buy links? Any reason how you can get rid of getting banned from G even if you have paid links.

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