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Thread: Tips on Google Reconsideration Requests

  1. Tips on Google Reconsideration Requests

    This is an amusing video. I don't think much of what they are claiming is true, but it's nice to see the faces of the people who are lying to me.

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    What a boring video.
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    Was that text so difficult to learn? I know it now after seeing that video once, and they probably read it 999 times and can't read it without their laptop.. Like WTF!?

    And I guess a lot of people are doing efforts to get their site back as it was previous, but instead of reading all spam emails from that department, they should focus on reading emails from the Google Adsense users

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    Here's Maria from the Google Search Quality Team with even more advice on filing a Reconsideration Request with Google.

    Some of the data isn't true. Maria says that the trolls who infest the Google Help Groups are "friendly and knowledgable" -- neither of which is an accurate characterization.

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    Comon man! Nothing seems to coming out relevant from apple lapi owner website. To conclude its not easy to make G reconsider your website as they really want to make you pay what wrong you have done.

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    Why do you think what they are saying, is not true?

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    These people speak in such a monotonous way - not exciting or entertaining at all. I also love how they're reading things off their laptop at certain parts. And I'll agree with Will saying that I think they're lying to us, as usual. xD

    They also sound pretty arrogant. Like you're crawling back and begging Google to forgive you. :P

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    Not sure why you say they are lying, but I've bought a few domains in the past that were not getting indexed due to a ban for months, and after sending a reconsideration request they were indexed just 4-5 days later.

    So say what you will, but from my own experience the reconsideration requests work if you've cleaned up whatever was wrong to begin with, and they are especially quick to respond when you mention that you've just bought the domain.

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    Right. When I bought off eBay, it was penalized by Google.

    I just submitted a simple Reconsideration Request showing them that I bought it and a few hours later all was well. It's now home to my make money online blog with a PageRank of 2. I believe that the general rule of thumb is that if you try and do the right thing, you'll always be okay. But I do feel as though Google tries to mislead us webmasters here and there.

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